"Integrated photonics with the TriPleX platform" – Presented by René Heideman, LioniX

TriPleX is a versatile dielectric platform based on alternating Si3N4 and SiO2 layers, fabricated with CMOS compatible equipment. TriPleX waveguides are very low loss over a wide wavelength range (400 nm-2.35 μm) available in several commercialized geometries. The functionality of the TriPleX platform is captured by verified basic building blocks. The corresponding library and associated design kit is available for Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs. Higher integration levels and hybrid combinations with other commercially available platforms such as InP and SOI is possible through on-chip, low-loss spotsize convertors.

Especially the hybrid combination with InP yields very powerful additional components like integrated small bandwidth lasers, tunable over the whole C-band. Several examples of applications will be provided.

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Revolutions in Antennas and 5G Networks

integrated photonic circuits

In the world of antennas, high-frequency radio and data traffic, work is proceeding at a pace on, among others, the introduction of 5G wireless networks in 2020. According to Satrax, a company based in Twente, the Netherlands, light is the answer to the increasing demand for higher data frequencies and bandwidths. The company develops antenna plates in which integrated photonic circuits play an essential role. But these chips are also leading to revolutionary developments in other fields. Continue reading “Revolutions in Antennas and 5G Networks”

Visible light chip rules the waves

light chip

Visible light chip rules the waves

Measurements are essential to the production process in many industries. Take the food industry, for example, in which pathogens and other substances that do not belong in food must be identified and removed in time to avoid possible food scandals. Or consider farming, for which light, air, water and fertiliser must be combined in the correct proportions to produce an optimal harvest. Just think of the possibilities if a sensor technology could be developed that is not only extremely compact but can also perform various complex measurements simultaneously and real-time and on-site. Continue reading “Visible light chip rules the waves”