Photonics – Accelerating the Brainport Lead

Dr. Lebby

On September 23rd, High Tech Campus Eindhoven was the host to over 100 leading photonics integration specialists from 12 countries. They met to take stock of the story so-far and discuss the next expansion phases for an industry that’s becoming the backbone technology of today’s Internet. Light has replaced copper as datacenters ramp up to cope with bandwidth demands when global sales exceed 1 billion smartphones a year.

Integrated photonics will scaleup
Today, ICT is responsible for about 4% of the world energy consumption. Recent studies indicate a rise to 8% by 2025. The steadily rising cost of energy and the need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions raises important questions. What role can ICT play in general, and optical technologies in particular? Continue reading “Photonics – Accelerating the Brainport Lead”