System Architecture of the Pattern Streamer for Mapper Lithography

by Edwin Hakkennes, Technical Architect, Technolution

Mapper pursued a lithography tool for Maskless Lithography, based on a massive number of e-beams. These e-beams are collectively positioned, and individually switched on and off.

Technolution Advance developed and realized the Pattern Streamer, the system for the switching of these 65.000 beams. This system takes care of the real-time computation of the individual pixels on the wafer, based on the input pattern stored in DDR3 RAM and the actual correction parameters of both the wafer and the machine. To reach a one-wafer-per-hour throughput, we realized 3 Tbit/s of data throughput, roughly 75 DVDs per second. The data was transferred into the vacuum chamber using 840 optical fibers, operating at 4.6 Gbit/s each.

How was the Pattern Streamer developed to fit within the architecture of the Mapper machine? And how could such a system be implemented today and tomorrow, using current and future photonics technology? Edwin Hakkennes will address all these topics during his talk ‘System Architecture of the Pattern Streamer’.

Edwin was a speaker at the 2020 edition of the conference.

About Edwin Hakkennes
Edwin Hakkennes received his engineering degree and his Ph.D. on Computer Architecture from Delft University of Technology in 1995 and 1999. Since then he has been working on data processing systems, mostly implemented in high-end FPGAs.

As a technical architect at Technolution, he worked on the data-system architecture for the entire Mapper Tool, to optimize interfaces and module implementations. He is also responsible for the quality of the FPGA discipline, striving for the highest level of confidence and repeatability by using regression testing and fully automated build processes.

His interests include precision timing, keeping things simple, data processing structures and system architecture.

About Technolution
Technolution Advance is a Dutch market leader in technology integration for the high-tech industry.

Thanks to our 30+ years of experience in designing and developing advanced instruments, we have built up a great in-house knowledge. We combine broad software knowledge with in-depth expertise in programmable logic and electronics development.

Our clients are among the leading companies and scientific organizations in the semiconductor equipment industry, optics & imaging, med-tech and life sciences.

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