Scale-up of packaging for integrated photonic devices – Presented by Prof. Peter O’Brien, PIXAPP

Scale-up of packaging for integrated photonic devices – Presented by Prof. Peter O’Brien, PIXAPP , at the 3rd edition of the Photonic Integration Conference, on September 26, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

There has been much activity focused on the development of PIC chip. However, an packaging bottleneck exists blocking users from commercialising full system solutions. In my talk, I will present an overview of assembly and packaging technologies for a range of PIC devices, including Silicon, InP and SiN materials. I will also present how packaging design rules are important to ensure cost-effective solutions. Finally, I will present details of the European Pilot Line (PIXAPP), which is developing a range of standardised optical and electrical packaging technologies, with the objective of addressing scale-up to large volume packaging.

About Prof. Peter O’Brien
Peter O’Brien is Director of the European Photonics Packaging Pilot Line (PIXAPP) and head of the Photonics Packaging Group at the Tyndall Institute. He founded and was CEO of a company manufacturing speciality photonic systems for bio-imaging applications, which he sold in 2009. He received his degree and PhD in Physics from Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork respectively.

PIXAPP is an EU funded Pilot Line established in early 2017 to address the need for scale-up of photonic packaging to low and medium volumes, and ultimately support high volume photonic manufacturing in Europe. PIXAPP provides a wide range of packaging technologies, as well as advanced training programmes and support in the development of technology roadmaps.

Photonic Integration Conference 2017About Photonic Integration Conference 2017
The 3rd edition of the Photonic Integration Conference will take place on September 26, 2017 at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

This edition will focus on business models for applying photonic integration, cases of photonic integration in optical sensing, lighting & energy, IT and telecom – current situation and future prospects.

Speakers from AIM Photonics, PhotonDelta, BRIDG – Bridging the Innovation Development Gap, Tyndall National Institute, University of Glasgow, Fiber To The Home COUNCIL EUROPE, Lightwave Logic, LioniX International and CEA-LETI will be there to talk about the topics of interest.

The conference program also includes a session on “Semicon meets Photonics”, hosted by The Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands, where you can catch a glimpse into the important role that photonics is expected to play in the future of the semiconductor industry.



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