Richard Bijlard, Technogation presents about multi-material photonics solutions

Richard Bijlard, owner of Technogation – Invenios, will be presenting during the Photonics Conference: “New bonding technology enables multi-material photonics solutions”.

“Although with photonics solutions, light is used as a medium to transport and process information, at a certain stage the conversion to or from electrical signals is required. This interface area deals with the connection of multiple materials, which need to be optimally tuned and adjusted to prevent unnecessary signal losses.

Invenios has developed a process for Room Temperature Bonding (ATB), which enables the connection of materials with very different thermal behavior, like glasses, silicon, metals and ceramics, Indium Phosphide and various oxides and nitrides. Photonics solutions have been created, where ATB was used to create connections in the signal path, as well as for packaging.”

“Room Temperature Bonding enables the creation of multi-material photonics solutions“

About Richard Bijlard MSc
After a technical-commercial career of over 25 years with companies like Philips, Fluke and ASML, Richard started his own company Technogation, aimed at technology transfer and business development of new high-tech processes and products. In the last 5 years Technogation has grown to be a very valuable interface between technology companies in the Brainport area and in Europe and the US, based on in-depth subject knowledge and a large international network.

About Technogation – Invenios
Technogation is a full member of the Invenios group, targeted towards business development of new technologies, products and processes of the Invenios group in Europe. Products include Photonics solutions, Lab-on-chip systems and technology and microreactors. Specialty: masked- and maskless production of photo-structurable glass-ceramics for microfluidics, electrofluidic lenses (Optilux) and a unique room temperature bonding process (ATB).

Find out more about Technogation and Techno-Broker.

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