"Photonic Integration: a key enabler for future FTTH" – Presented by Karl Tran, Genexis B.V.

Cloud computing is becoming an integral part in our daily life demanding continuous evolution of bandwidth delivered by FTTH. Therefore, future FTTH requires high performance optical transceivers, however, at a very low cost. This unprecedented requirement can only be achieved with the help of photonic integration.

About Karl Tran

Karl Tran has been in research and development for more than 10 years in Vietnam, South Korea, and the Netherlands. Currently, he is a product line manager at Genexis B.V., a leading company in developing and marketing FTTH equipment. He has a PhD from TU/e in optical communications.

About Genexis B.V.

Genexis is the independent leader in FTTH home gateways. We focus on the development, manufacturing and marketing of active equipment dedicated to FTTH networks. At Genexis we are convinced that we can make a difference in today’s world, by combining state-of-the-art technology with a mission to provide open access broadband networks based on fiber.

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