"Photonic ICs for medical applications" – Presented by Ton van Leeuwen, University of Amsterdam

OCT is an increasingly important biomedical imaging modality, creating high resolution imaging of scattering tissues. The use of PICs can reduce the size as well as the costs of the OCT system. Thereto, various components have to be integrated and newly designed. The use of PICs can also facilitate other measuring methods and optical schemes, which consequently can improve the functionality of PIC-based OCT systems compared to those based on bulk optical components. Lowering the costs of OCT device costs opens up new application areas of OCT, for example in forensic sciences, biometrics, and industrial applications.

About Ton van Leeuwen

Ton van Leeuwen is full professor in Biomedical Physics. Current research focuses on the physics of the interaction of light with tissue, and to use that knowledge for the development, introduction and clinical evaluation of (newly developed) optical imaging techniques for gathering quantitative functional and molecular information of tissue.

About Biomedical Engineering & Physics, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam

The department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics bridges the gap between engineering and physics at one side and life sciences and clinical medicine at the other. We provide further understanding of pathological processes and develop and improve quantitative methods for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases: Science for LIFE.

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