Paving the Way for InP Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) devices

by Nazanin Shafiee, SMART Photonics BV

Global Coronavirus pandemic has impacted all industries across the globe, and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) market has been no exception. However, unlike a lot of the industries heading for a decline, global PIC market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 23.8% over the next five years.

In this program, we will present recent strategies and frameworks implemented to address product development stages for InP PIC devices. Further, we will take the audience through a journey of streamlining the design process, shortening the development cycle, and reducing the transition to manufacturing, ensuring device optimization and rapid prototyping of application-specific PICs.

Nazanin was a speaker at the 2020 edition of the conference.

About Nazanin Shafiee

Nazanin is the Business Development Manager at Smart Photonics BV, an InP pure-play foundry based in the Netherlands. She has dedicated her career to technology commercialization and product development. She holds a Master’s degree in Materials Chemistry and was part of the first cohort of Science and Technology commercialization program in Beedie School of Business in Vancouver, Canada. She has worked on products and interfaced with clients in a broad range of industries throughout her career in her roles as Process Development and Integration Engineer to Head of Sales and Marketing. The range of industries she has interfaced with includes: medical (MEMS implants and surgical device manufacturing), space, telecom, automotive as well as agriculture.

About SMART Photonics BV

SMART Photonics B.V. is a pure-play foundry for InP photonics semiconductors. The company started in March 2012 and is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It offers its customers an expert team with a long history and proven track record in InP Research, Development and production. The team has many former employees of both Philips Photonics Labs and TU Eindhoven, with a broad experience in epitaxy (growth and regrowth), processing, test & measurement and quality control.

SMART Photonics is the world’s first foundry to offer MPW services for InP based integrated circuits on a semi-commercial basis. The company’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it combines a pure-play foundry approach, a dedicated photonics cleanroom for InP semiconductors, an experienced engineering team, and a generic process in which customers can design based on functional building blocks, rather than technological steps.

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