New trends in optical chemical sensing: the MIRPHAB approach

Presented by Sergio Nicoletti, CEA – Leti, at the 3rd edition of the Photonic Integration Conference, on September 26, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

This talk will discuss the challenges of spectroscopy and chemical sensing with a focus on the miniaturization and the co-integration of photonics devices at chip and packaging level to address cost, size and power consumption. This approach is now pursued by the MIRPHAB Pilot Line which is offering access for fast prototyping and series fabrication of sensing devices.

About Sergio Nicoletti
Sergio Nicoletti is Business Development Manager – Optical Sensing, and hhas been working on Smart Sensors/Systems for air quality monitoring since the early ‘90. In 2006 he joined CEA-LETI MINATEC to work on “Sensors and Optical architectures for chemical detection” activity. Since then he contributed to several proposal now part of the projects portfolio of this activity. Sergio Nicoletti is now Director of MIRPHAB Pilot Line

CEA-LETI is one of the major European research centres for Microelectronics Micro- and Nano-technology and Integrated Photonics. Nearly 2000 persons are serving innovation and the transfer of technology in key domains. As the preferred contact of the industrial world, CEA-LETI has sparked the creation of nearly thirty high-technology startups. CEA-Leti is located in Grenoble where it benefits from state-of-the-art clean rooms including 200 mm & 300 mm IC and 200 mm MEMS prototyping pilot lines.

Photonic Integration Conference 2017About Photonic Integration Conference 2017
The 3rd edition of the Photonic Integration Conference will take place on September 26, 2017 at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

This edition will focus on business models for applying photonic integration, cases of photonic integration in optical sensing, lighting & energy, IT and telecom – current situation and future prospects.

Speakers from AIM Photonics, PhotonDelta, BRIDG – Bridging the Innovation Development Gap, Tyndall National Institute, University of Glasgow, Fiber To The Home COUNCIL EUROPE, Lightwave Logic, LioniX International and CEA-LETI will be there to talk about the topics of interest.

The conference program also includes a session on “Semicon meets Photonics”, hosted by The Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands, where you can catch a glimpse into the important role that photonics is expected to play in the future of the semiconductor industry.




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