Highly accurate flipchip bonding for transceiver applications

There are highest demands on accuracy of bonding flipchips e.g. on glass substrates to achieve maximum coupling efficiency, which are a challenge likewise for the machine supplier and the process developer. This presentation focuses on machine solutions to provide best possible machine capability but also points towards important aspects to turn this into an appropriate process capability. The FINEPLACER® principle is explained and how this is improved to reach a placement accuracy of 0.3 µm @ 3s.

A presentation by Ralph Schachler, Sales Manager at Finetech.


Question 1: What drives you?
From the very beginning Finetech had the aim to be the leader in high accuracy component placement. The FINEPLACER® principle is the simple but effective base for this challenge and constant enhancements in all aspects of the machines but also processes enabled us to reach this goal. Nowadays as a medium sized company we are one of the very few machine suppliers worldwide being capable to place within 300 nm accuracy. This success motivates everyone of us to further improve and keep this standing in the future.

Question 2: Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
To successfully develop processes for e.g. the described transceiver application eveything has to match like the gear wheels in a clockwork. This presentation provides information to understand what is necessary for that.

About Ralph Schachler
As a graduated engineer in micro systems technology Ralph has managed various development projects focussing on assembly technologies for products of which many are still in serial production. Especially for those which are photonic applications he has successfully used FINEPLACER®s. This close cooperation with Finetech made him change sides from buying and using those machines to selling them about 6 years ago. At Finetech his deep understanding of the technologies and customer’s needs still helps him to transfer his customer’s ideas into practicable machine solutions.

About Finetech
Finetech is a leading global supplier of micro assembly and professional SMD rework equipment for customers involved in the development and manufacturing of opto- and microelectronics. Finetech’s die bonder systems, with up to 0.3 micron placement accuracy, support a wide range of advanced bonding technologies to implement the most precise and complex applications.

Finetech follows the “Prototype-to-Production” approach to support customers at the development stage and help them transition their processes into bonding production. This makes Finetech equipment the perfect fit for flexible and cost-efficient product development and manufacturing.

The company serves a broad range of industries, including Datacom & Telecom, Industrial Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Aerospace & Avionics, Automotive, Defense & Security, Energy, as well as universities and research facilities. With subsidiaries on three continents and a global network of representatives, Finetech ensures quick response times, fast on-site service and personal consultation

Ralph Schachler is speaker at the 2021 edition of the Photonic Integration Conference.

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