Early detection of cancer in urine using photonic biosensors

by Coenraad K van Kalken, CEO, Qurin Diagnostics

Cancer is a final stage of a process characterized by accumulation of epigenetic and genetic alterations. Early detection increases the chances of a positive treatment outcome and cure of the disease. As cancer represents a large burden to society, there is an urgent need for accurate, affordable and easy-to-use diagnostic tests to detect these diseases at the doctor’s office, which is what we are aiming for using a urine-based DNA test.

The primary aim of the collaborative initiative presented, is the development of a low-threshold and noninvasive diagnostic test using DNA biosensors based on state-of-the-art photonics technology and innovative chemical nanocoatings, combined with biomarker panels specific for multiple cancer types.

program: https://www.phiconference.com/program/

About Coenraad K van Kalken

Coen holds ample experience in managing the technological development and commercial roll-out of innovations in the health and life sciences. He is a medical doctor by training and after working in the clinic for several years, he was appointed director of the New Drug Development Office (NDDO), a research institute specialized in the development of drugs against cancer. During his career his passion shifted towards the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases and later he decided to dedicate his time and money to this goal. In 2005, after the acquisition of NDDO by INC Research, he founded the Dutch Institute for Prevention and E-health Development (NIPED). With NIPED, he introduced an innovative, personal approach for detecting health risks and stimulating a healthy lifestyle. The strategic and active management style of dr. Van Kalken resulted in the successful development of the ‘Personal Health Check’ and the widespread support for the roll-out of this product by the major Dutch health organisations (Public Health Service, the Dutch College of General Practitioners, Heart Foundation, Kidney Foundation, Lung Foundation Netherlands, Diabetes Foundation).

About Qurin Diagnostics

The mission of Qurin is to save lives and reduce healthcare costs through the development of accessible and easy-to-use diagnostic tests. Together with a strong international network of world-leading academic and corporate partners, Qurin is developing a revolutionary, low-threshold nanotechnology-based platform for (early) diagnosis, monitoring and personalized treatment of cancer and other medical conditions using urine as a liquid biopsy.

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