"The Coming of Age of Photonic Integrated Circuit Technology" – Presented by Michael Wale, Oclaro Technology

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology has evolved over more than 30 years to become a key enabler for high-performance optical communications systems, which form the backbone of the internet and thereby underpin our information-intensive world.

PICs can also be an enabler for new and diverse business sectors, including medical, industrial and aerospace applications.

Major progress has been achieved over the last few years in the development of generic platform-based design and manufacturing methods, which will facilitate the use of PICs in new applications and stimulate innovative product design.

The talk will review the current state of the art.

About Prof. Michael J. Wale

Michael Wale received his BA, MA and DPhil degrees in physics from the University of Oxford.  He has been engaged in research, development and manufacturing of photonic devices and systems for over 30 years, with emphasis on photonic integrated circuit technology.  Alongside his role at Oclaro, where he is responsible for strategic technology activities, he is part-time Professor of Photonic Integration/Industrial Aspects at TU/Eindhoven.

About Oclaro Technology Ltd.

Oclaro is a tier-one provider of optical components and modules to the telecommunications and data communications markets.  The company has long been a pioneer in InP photonic integrated circuit technology and PICs are central to its business.   PIC research, development and production are based at Caswell, Northamptonshire, UK.

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