Chip- and system-level opto-electronic integration trends, by Bert Jan Offrein, IBM Research

A tight integration of electrical and optical functions opens a path to the realization of novel devices for a wide range of applications according to Bert Jan Offrein.

The presentation will highlight trends in chip-level technology, towards monolithically combining electrical devices with passive and active optical building blocks. Furthermore scalable and cost-effective system-level electro-optical assembly techniques will be addressed.
Applications in high-bandwidth optical communication as required in future computing systems will be highlighted.

About Bert Jan Offrein
Bert Jan Offrein received his Applied Physics and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Twente. In 1995 he joined IBM Research – Zurich, where he now is a principal research staff member and leading the Neuromorphic Devices and Systems group. Bert Jan is a co-author of over 150 publications and the co-inventor of more than 35 patents.

About IBM Research GmbH
IBM Research – Zurich, Switzerland is one of IBM’s 12 research centers around the globe. The spectrum of research activities range from exploratory research in nanoscience and –technology for future computing, to cloud and computing infrastructure, security and privacy, computational sciences, data analytics and cognitive computing.

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