Optical comms market set for 100G surge in 2016

In the optical communications markets, demand for 40G transceivers is now “ramping up hard” as data centers deploy 40GbE (Ethernet), particularly as a high-density 10G interface via breakout cables. Also, 40G QSFP (quad small form factor pluggable) demand growth over single-mode fiber is the consequence of large shipments … to internet content providers Microsoft and Google. These are the key conclusions of the latest transceiver market analysis by IHS Infonetics.

The market analyst’s biannual10G/40G/100G Data Center Optics market size and forecast report tracks optical transceivers, or short reach optics, by speed, reach, wavelength and form factor. Considering the financial implications of these changes, the analyst reports that revenue from 10-, 40- and 100-Gigabit optical transceivers sold into the enterprise and data center markets grew 21% in 2014 to hit $1.4 billion, almost entirely due to increased 40G QSFP spending.

Andrew Schmitt, research director for carrier transport networking at IHS Infonetics, commented “The market for 100G data center optics is accelerating, but it has yet to be turbocharged by widespread data center deployment in the way 40G QSFP optics have. This will change dramatically in 2016 as cheap 100G silicon reaches production and QSFP28 shipments surge as a result. Next year is going to be huge for 100GbE.” … (read more)

Source: Optics.org

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