Welcome and Registration
09:3009:35Opening & welcome
Pieter Hermans, CEO/Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima
09:3510:05Iñigo ArtundoIñigo Artundo, CEO, VLC Photonics, Spain, on "PIC industry overview: design and test trends", More information
10:0510:35Peter van Arkel, Consultant technological innovation, strategy and funding, Berenschot, on "Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap - International ecosystem", More information
10:3511:05 Ewit Roos, CEO, PhotonDelta, on "PhotonDelta ecosystem", More information
Coffee Break and Visit Expo
11:4512:15Aljoscha Schu, Project Manager, ficonTEC Service GmbH
12:1512:45Professor Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Eindhoven University of Technology, on 'Applications for PICs'
Lunch Break and Visit Expo
Lunch is sponsored by PhotonDelta
Session: Applications for PICs, do's and don'ts
14:0014:30programCoen van Kalken, CEO, Qurin Diagnostics, on 'PICs for medical applications'
14:3015:00 Shourjya Sanyal, CEO, Ireland/USA, Think Biosolution, on "Engineering and Regulatory Pathways for Designing Lenses and Light Pipes for PICs in Wearable Medical Devices", More information
Break and Visit Expo
15:3016:00Prof. Jean-Paul Linnartz, research Fellow, Signify / Signify Li-Fi systems on 'Photonic integration to accelerate Li-Fi', More information
16:0016:30Duo-presentation: Ruben van Ardenne, Manager Strategy and Innovation, Compass Infrastructure, The Netherlands, on 'vision on photonic Integration from an Expert in complex Infrastructure'
Duo-presentation: Marinus Van Der Hoek, Director / Photonics Innovator, VanderHoekPhotonics
Photonics Applications Networking Dinner
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The conference is part of the Photonics Applications Week. It is possible to attend several events / conferences / workshops during this week. Also you can join the Networking Dinner on 1 October in the evening. Click here for more information.

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