Presentations to download 2015

Below you can download the presentations of the Photonic Integration Conference in .pdf file.

Note: Some of the speakers did not allow us to publish their presentation.

Morning program

Michael Lebby, President and CEO, OneChip Photonics Corporation / Professor of Optoelectronics, Glyndwr University, about “PIC: the next generation IC…” Download presentation

Professor Dr. Meint Smit, Eindhoven University of Technology, about “Progress in InP-based Photonic Integration Technology” Download presentation

Dr. Katarzyna Lawniczuk, JePPIX, about “Photonic ASICs Prototyping” Download presentation

Professor Hugo Thienpont, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, ACTPHAST (Access Center for Photonics Innovation Solutions and Technology Support), about “Photonics Innovation support to boost the competitivity of European SMEs” More information Download presentation

Afternoon program

Richard Visser, CEO, SMART Photonics, about “From electronics to photonics – why light is the key enabler for so many emerging technologies” Download presentation

Inigo Artundo, CEO, VLC Photonics, about ‘Interfacing with foundries from an external users’. Download presentation

Professor Dr. ir. Ton Backx, Eindhoven University of Technology, about “Photon Delta: Integrated Photonics Ecosystem” Download presentation

Werner Brockherde, Head of Department Optical Sensor Systems, Fraunhofer IMS, about ‘Customized Optical Sensors in Standard CMOS Technology’ Download presentation

René Vroom, Head of Innovation, Radio Communications Agency of the Netherlands, about ‘Light as the Comfort for Telecommunications’ Download presentation

Richard Bijlard, Business Development Europe, Invenios about “New bonding technology enables multi-material photonics solutions”. Download presentation

Bart Verbeek, Chairman, Photonics NL, about “PhotonicsNL as International Contact Organisation”. Download presentation