Interview with Ewit Roos, PhotonDelta, Gold Partner of PHI Conference

PhotonDelta Managing Director Ewit Roos is one of the keynote speakers at the second Photonics Integration conference. He explained to us that there are three things that need to happen in the year ahead and why this is important; the cooperative, the international roadmap project and the technology centre.

” We have recently launched a call for members of the PhotonDelta cooperative. We want to keep and grow the lead that Western Europe has established in all aspects of photonics developments. We will achieve this only if we work more closely together as an international collaborative ecosystem. The push to grow photonics started with telecom, but now the need for sensor applications in all kinds of other industries has reached a tipping point.”

Grant funding to support research and innovation in SME’s has grown tenfold in the last decade to reach €100 million a year. PhotonDelta counts 160 photonics-related companies within its vibrant cluster in The Netherlands and Belgium. And that number is now growing rapidly as photonics provides next generation solutions across a wide-range of industries.

“But we all know that our growth rate could be SO much faster if the funding level were 10-20 times that. But we all know that the rate of growth could be so much faster if the funding level were 10-20 times that. That’s already the case in the USA and China. So we’re taking the lead to do something about it in Europe. I also believe the cooperative can also help when it comes to accelerating packaging and reliability engineering projects in the Netherlands.”

Membership call for the establishment of the Cooperative
“Over the last few months we’ve been talking to startups, corporates, investors and many different companies involved in the supply chain. From that series of practical discussions, we’re now taking the initiative to set up a cooperative, giving several considerable advantages to those who are willing the collaborate.”

“It takes time to prepare the right framework, but now we’re ready to go. This cooperative is going to play a major role in accelerating the all-important “time to market”. It will also provide a portfolio of companies that are ready to scale and our looking for serious investment.”

Long-term Roadmap
At the conference, Ewit will be explaining more about the importance of a long-term roadmap. “The research side of our business is already thinking about the kind of chips we will need in 2025 and the various kinds of roadmaps that will be needed to get there. As PhotonDelta, we see the need to expand this activity to include other members of our ecosystem – as well as photonics development hubs in other parts of the world. I will elaborate more on this in the meeting.”

Packaging and Reliability Engineering Also Important
“Companies and researchers in the PhotonDelta ecosystem have developed procedures to ensure that they are able to scale production. So that if you make 1000 chips, a sufficient number of chips will be within a tight specification demanded by the client.”
“But it turns out that making the first run of chips is actually the easiest part. The chip needs to be packaged – connected to the outside world in some way. This required nanotechnology expertise. The reliability engineering that follows that is also expensive and takes time. But it needs to be done. Standards are high – it is similar to the reliability demanded by spacecraft, with an expected lifespan of 30 years.”
There are very clear cycles in chip production. The first cycle produces chips that the customer wants but only has an 80% reliability. The next stage is “beta”; there comes a point where the reliability has been ramped up where large scale production makes commercial sense and the failure rate has been brought down as low as possible.”

“We believe that PhotonDelta could also play a role in helping companies accelerate in these very important packaging and reliability-engineering phases.”
Agree? Then we encourage you to sign-up now and lend your voice and expertise to the PhotonDelta Cooperative.

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