Researchers develop nanowire lasers grown on a silicon chip, paving way for photonic chips

Physicists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) claim to have developed a nanowire lasers grown on a silicon chip, making it possible to produce high-performance photonic components cost-effectively. The scientists say that this will pave the way for fast and efficient data processing with light in the future.

The miniaturisation of electronics is now reaching its physical limits. “Today already, transistors are merely a few nanometers in size. Further reductions are horrendously expensive,” said Professor Jonathan Finley, director of the Walter Schottky Institute at TUM. “Improving performance is achievable only by replacing electrons with photons.”

The first silicon-based photonics chips already exist. However, the sources of light for the transmission of data must be attached to the silicon in complicated manufacturing processes. However, Dr Gregor Koblmüller and his team at the Department of Semiconductor Quantum-Nanosystems has, in collaboration with Prof Finley, developed a process to deposit nanolasers directly onto silicon chips.Read more


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