Researchers Design Heterogeneously Integrated III-V Laser on Thin SOI

Experts agree, light-based communication technology and optical data storage of the future will rely on III–V silicon on-chip lasers. A prerequisite for these lasers is to confine light for maximum efficiency and couple light with optical waveguides.

Researchers at the A*STAR Data Storage Institute (DSI) have now designed a compact III–V silicon laser that does both. With two tapered ends, the structure realizes efficient lasing through the smart control of light — light is tightly confined to the III–V semiconductor layer where lasing occurs. Furthermore, both laser ends are tapered to facilitate the coupling of light with underlying silicon waveguides.

The integration of dense optoelectronic devices requires a photonic platform that can join the III-V and silicon materials — with the III-V material as the active photonic component (in lasers, detectors, modulators, etc.) and the silicon as the passive device (waveguides, etc.). “To realize one key component of such an integration platform, a new heterogeneously integrated III-V/silicon laser structure is demonstrated by researchers from A*STAR,” says Dr Wang Qian at A*STAR DSI. “Their unique design enables efficient lasing by maximizing the light confinement in the active layers of the III-V/si ridge waveguide for light amplification and high-efficiency light coupling between the III-V layers and the thin silicon photonic layer through an ultracompact tapering structure.”Read more


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