Project to Evaluate Photonic Techniques for Measuring Liquid Levels in Aeroplane Fuel Tanks

Aston University and Airbus are going to collaborate in an Aerospace Technology Institute project. Called ‘Fuel & Systems Integrated Research’, it is aiming to help develop next generation fuel system technologies using photonics.

The project will evaluate four photonic techniques for measuring liquid levels in the fuel tank of an aeroplane, says the university. It will develop the most promising of these techniques for potential application to fuel gauging on aircraft, with a prototype being constructed.

The goal is to find alternative technologies to the capacitance-based electronic devices that are currently used for measuring fuel levels.

According to Aston, the new sensors will have the advantages of reduced weight and more easily achieving current Intrinsic Safety requirements due to elimination of electrical inputs into the fuel tank.

“We are pleased to once again be working with Airbus,” said Professor David Webb from Aston University. “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to build on our relationship with the company in a project with real benefits to business.”Read more


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