"Process control modules for photonic integrated circuits" – Presented by Dzmitry Pustakhod, Eindhoven University of Technology

Photonic integrated circuits are nowadays available through multi-project wafer runs that are carried out at various foundries. In this novel approach complex photonic ICs are designed using building blocks with guaranteed performance. Process control modules (PCMs) provide foundries the means to test performance parameters of the building blocks and assess the fabrication process. The PROCON STW project has developed a number of such PCMs. In the presentation we will review the results.

About Dzmitry Pustakhod

Dzmitry Pustakhod received the M.Sc. degree in physics in 2006 from the Belarusian State University. He is currently working towards the Ph.D. degree in the Photonic Integration group (PhI) at Eindhoven University of Technology. His research is focused on the development of process control modules for photonic integrated circuits.

About Eindhoven University of Technology 

Eindhoven University of Technology is a leading, international, specialized in engineering science & technology. It offers excellent teaching and research and contributes to the advancement of technical sciences and research to the developing of technological innovations and the growth of wealth and prosperity both in its region and beyond.

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