Political Steering Processes in Asia Aiming the Photonics Industry

Industry associations SPECTARIS and VDMA, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) jointly conducted a study entitled „Political Steering Processes in Asia aiming the Photonics Industry“.

The new market study was carried out by Euro Asia Consulting (EAC) and focuses on the photonic segments production technology, medical technology and machine vision which are of particular importance for the German photonics industry.

The following topics and questions were raised in the study:

  • How “strategic” is photonics as an enabling technology valued in Asian countries and for Asian industrial steering program
  • How does political steering processes in Asia work – who are the decision makers?
  • Will decision making structures change in near future?
  • How efficient are political steering instruments – do they contribute to speed up innovation processes?
  • Can foreign photonics enterprises industry gain/participate from those political steering processes?

The Executive Report is available for downloading here

More on the same topic can be found in the article Political Support of Photonics in Asia: Opportunity or Threat to European Companies?

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