“PIC: the next generation IC…”, Presented by Michael Lebby, OneChip Photonics Corporation

“PIC: the next generation IC…”, Presented by Michael Lebby, OneChip Photonics Corporation

Semiconductors that emit, detect, and manage light have evolved to become a mature photonics technology for advanced products today that range from laser based systems such as DVD and Blu-ray consumer products to high performing solar cell systems that power satellites and remote solar farms, and to the communications engines inside huge datacentres that power the internet. This talk focuses on how integrated photonic technology or photonic integrated circuits (PICs) will positively impact the community by becoming the future engine to drive the internet and communications sectors as ‘the next generation IC…’

About Michael Lebby

Presently, Michael Lebby is driving new frontiers in the integrated photonics field as CEO of OneChip Photonics as well as part-time full professor, and chair of optoelectronics at Glyndwr University in Wales, UK. In 2015, Michael has been focusing on InP based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), polymer modulators, and optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) for the datacenter segment and has been involved in assembling California’s proposal (via USC) to the Federal Government for an integrated photonics manufacturing institute. Michael helped achieve >$400M in matching funding and also synthesized the proposal’s datacenter and integrated photonics roadmaps for the next decade.

About OneChip Photonics and Glyndwr University, Wales, UK

OneChip is a design company for InP based PICs for datacenter applications.

Glyndwr University wants to be more active in PIC based technologies.

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