"Photonic integration technology and devices for gas sensing (LWAVE-Tech)" – Presented by Sylwester Latkowski, TU/e

An overview of research and development of an on-chip laser systems for use in gas sensing applications will be given. Novel geometry, widely tunable laser sources in a form of monolithic photonic integrated circuits realized using generic integration technologies will be presented. Feasibility of such lasers operating either in 1.5µm and 2µm wavelength bands for gas sensing will be demonstrated with experimental results obtained in absorption measurements of acetylene and carbon dioxide.

About Sylwester Latkowski

Sylwester Latkowski obtained MSc. Eng. degrees in optoelectronics and technical physics from West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland. His work concerned about millimeter and terahertz signals generation using semiconductor mode-locked lasers at Dublin City University, Ireland led to the PhD award. Currently Sylwester works in Photonics Integration group at TU/e.

About Eindhoven University of Technology 

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