Photonic Integration Conference Adopts the Fuseami Networking app

To improve business networking at the event, “Photonic Integration Conference” is pleased to adopt the fuseami Networking app. fuseami is a revolutionary new mobile app to help you to business network smarter. Discover and connect with those other professionals that are most relevant to you at this conference.

  • Automatic discovery– fuseami will automatically discover and recommend the most relevant professionals for you to connect with.
  • Relevance– what makes fuseami special is it’s custom relevance engine. This intelligently searches for areas of relevance across profiles.
  • In common– fuseami will show you what you have most in common with the recommended connections.
  • Control – fuseami puts you in control of your networking activity. Only connect and communicate with those that you want to.
  • Your unique requirements– fuseami allows you to search for professionals with unique skills or other requirements.
  • Pre-conference – with fuseami, you can start networking with other attendees before the conference even starts.

Simply – download, login with your LinkedIn account, choose the Photonic Integration Conference and start networking with other delegates.

For further information visit or download the app for Apple or Android devices.

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