Meint Smit, Professor Eindhoven University of Technology, Presents: Progress in InP-based Photonic Integration Technology

InP is a versatile semiconductor material that allows for integration of a broad range of components in a single chip. Basic building blocks include lasers, optical aimplifiers, modulators, detectors and a variety of passive components, including wavelength demultiplexers, filters and couplers. InP-chips with record complexities of more than 1400 components integrated in a single chip have been reported. InP-based foundry processes offer low-cost access to mature integration processes with high performance and wafer-scale integration of InP-based photonic circuits with silicon electronics is emerging.

About Meint Smit 

Meint K. Smit graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1974 at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and received a Ph.D. in Integrated Optics in 1991, both with honours. He invented the Arrayed Waveguide Grating, for which he received a LEOS Technical Achievement award in 1997. In 2000 he became leader of the Photonic Integration group at the COBRA Research Institute of TU Eindhoven. His current research interests are in InP-based Photonic Integration, including integration of InP circuitry on Silicon. Meint Smit is a LEOS Fellow. In 2012 he received an ERC Advanced Grant.

About Photonic Integration Group (PhI)

The Photonic Integration Group (PhI) within the Eindhoven University of Technology is involved in a number of national and international research projects and plays a leading role in these three fields. PhI research offers ample opportunities for Master and PhD students to do research on advanced photonic ICs or technology and to get a job in a variety of smaller or larger high-tech companies that use Photonic ICs in their products or start your own business.

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