"Making Extreme Fiber Sensing possible with Integrated Photonics" – Presented by Pim Kat, Technobis

The application of superior technology of integrated photonics has proved to be capable of supporting both new and existing sensing and monitoring solutions for challenging environments and demands. Acting in the frontline with the development of extreme performance in fiber sensing already led to the establishment of worldrecords. From the high performance demands in the high-tech industry to the extreme environmental conditions in space, Technobis is paving roads never walked on before.

About Pim Kat

Pim started his career at Sun Electric systems in 1982, developing automotive testing equipment. In 1987 he moved to Hoogovens research where he worked as researcher for 9 years. In 1996 he co-founded the company BIHCA Systems as part of the HIT group. In 2003 this company became Technobis and eventually Technobis group in 2006.

About Technobis Fibre Technologies BV

Technobis Fibre Technologies is the leading provider of Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuit (ASPIC)-based fiber sensing systems for demanding market segments such as high tech, aeronautics, space, medical and automotive testing industries.

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