"Integrated photonics with the TriPleX platform" – Presented by René Heideman, LioniX

TriPleX is a versatile dielectric platform based on alternating Si3N4 and SiO2 layers, fabricated with CMOS compatible equipment. TriPleX waveguides are very low loss over a wide wavelength range (400 nm-2.35 μm) available in several commercialized geometries. The functionality of the TriPleX platform is captured by verified basic building blocks. The corresponding library and associated design kit is available for Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs. Higher integration levels and hybrid combinations with other commercially available platforms such as InP and SOI is possible through on-chip, low-loss spotsize convertors.

Especially the hybrid combination with InP yields very powerful additional components like integrated small bandwidth lasers, tunable over the whole C-band. Several examples of applications will be provided.

About René Heideman

Dr. ir. René Heideman is co-founder and CTO of LioniX BV. Since 2008, he is CTO of Panthera, a group a high-tech innovative companies focusing on creating new business based on micro/nano-technology. He is, amongst others, member of the Board of Stakeholders (BOS) of Photonics 21 and of the Board of MinacNed (Dutch association for micro-systems and nanotechnology). Since June 2012, René Heideman is (visiting) professor Nanotechnology of Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

About LioniX

LioniX is a leading provider in co-development of products and manufacturing of components based on cutting-edge micro/nano technology for its (OEM) customers. The main focus markets include Life Sciences, Telecom, Datacom, Industrial Process Control and Space.

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