Outlook of the FTTH ranking and panorama, after 3 new members enter the ranking

Three new economies have now entered the FTTH ranking: Croatia, Germany and Poland. The deployment of FTTH in these countries was led by initiatives by both private operators and policy makers. For example, in Germany fibre projects led by municipalities coupled with the dynamism of private players had a great impact on fibre rollout in the country. The rollout and adoption of FTTH/B in those countries is expected to continue to grow at a steady pace in the coming years.

In terms of penetration, while Lithuania is still number one in the ranking with a penetration rate of 36.8%, Latvia (36.2%) and Sweden (35.2%) have made impressive progress. Both countries are now nearing lead position after greatly increasing their penetration rate since end-December 2014. They are not the only countries racing forward. Luxembourg’s penetration rate gained almost three points from 11.2% at end-December 2014 to 14.1% at end-September 2015. The high-level engagement and support of politicians, along with the involvement of incumbent operator POST and other stakeholders, explain the significant penetration of fibre in the country. Read more

Source: FTTH Press Release

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