“PhotonDelta 2017 – The next phase begins!” – Ewit Roos, PhotonDelta

“PhotonDelta 2017 – The next phase begins!” – presented by Ewit Roos, PhotonDelta, at Photonic Integration Conference, Sep 27, 2016, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The European Photonics market is now worth around €70 billion. Grant funding to support research and innovation in SME’s has grown to reach €100M a year. But PhotonDelta argues that a more collaborative approach is the way to ensure European photonics gets 10-20 times the funding we see today. In his talk, Ewit Roos will outline extensive plans to assist photonics companies and related supply chains accelerate their time to market. He will explain why the new PhotonDelta cooperative is offering early access to IP as well as organising deep-dive strategy workshops to construct long-term technology roadmaps.

About Ewit Roos
Ewit Roos was appointed Managing Director of PhotonDelta on January 1st 2016. He joined the organisation after several senior management positions in Dutch high-tech companies as well as heading the high-tech early stage fund Brightmove BV. Ewit’s role in PhotonDelta is to link world-class research and innovation with relevant business and investment, working to amplify existing initiatives and fast-track new ones.

About PhotonDelta
PhotonDelta is a European-wide “end-to-end ecosystem” of researchers, chip designers, foundries and software developers engaged in solving the challenges of accelerated photonics integration. It’s a leading example of a trusted, collaborative network. Their international cooperative is designed to operate on behalf of members, reaching goals which they cannot achieve on their own.

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