Photonic Integration Symposium 2016

Below you can see the program of the Photonic Integration Symposium that took place on April 25, 2016, at Blauwe Zaal, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event was sponsored by STW (Dutch Technology Foundation).

09:3010:30Registration and coffee
  STW Perspectief program: Generic Technologies in Integrated Photonics
Chairman: Meint Smit, Eindhoven University of Technology
10:3010:35Opening – Frank Baaijens, Rector Magnificus,  Eindhoven University of Technology
10:3510:45Introduction to the STW perspectief program GTIP – Meint Smit, GTIP Coordinator, Eindhoven University of Technology, More information
10:4510:55Photonic integration technology and devices for gas sensing (LWAVE-Tech) – Sylwester Latkowski, Postdoctoral researcher, Eindhoven University of Technology, More information
10:5511:05Process control modules for photonic integrated circuits – Dzmitry Pustakhod, MSC Student, Eindhoven University of Technology, More information
11:0511:15Ultra-wide super continuum generation in Si3N4 waveguides – Peter van der Slot, Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics, Mesa+ Institute for Nanotechnology, Department of Science and Technology, University of Twente, More information
11:1511:25On-chip alignment of flexible optical waveguides – Marcel Tichem, Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology, Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME), Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE), More information
11:2511:35Robust design optimization for integrated photonic systems – Matthijs Langelaar, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology, More information
11:3511:45Exploring the limits of photonic integration – Weiming Yao, MSC, Eindhoven University of Technology, More information
11:4512:00InP membrane on silicon photonic integrated circuits – Gunther Roelkens, Professor, IMEC / Eindhoven University of Technology, More information
12:0013:30Lunch / visiting exhibition
  Photonics and Integration
Chairman: Ton Backx, Managing Director Institute for Integrated Photonics
13:3013:35Opening – Jan MengelersEindhoven University of Technology Executive Board Chairman, More information
13:3513:55The American Institute for Manufacturing: Photonics – Thomas KochUniversity of Arizona and AIM Photonics
13:5514:10Photonic integration developments in China – Sailing He, Professor & Director, Center for Optical and Electromagnetic Research, Zhejiang University, China, More information
14:1014:25The Coming of Age of Photonic Integrated Circuit Technology – Mike Wale, Director Active Products Research, Oclaro Technology Ltd, More information
14:2514:40The day has 48 hours – Erik Hoving, Chief Technology Officer, KPN, More information
14:4014:55Photonic ICs for medical applications – Ton van Leeuwen, Head of department Biomedical Engineering & Physics, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, More information
14:5515:10JePPIX: Low cost access to PIC technology for SMEs – Katarzyna Ławniczuk, Eindhoven University of Technology – JePPIX, More information
15:1015:25ACTPHAST: Prototyping for SMEs – Francis Berghmans, Professor, ACTPHAST vice-coordinator, ACTPHAST/ VUB, More information
  Industrial R&D and applications
Chairman: Ewit Roos, Director Photon Delta
16:0016:05Making Extreme Fiber Sensing possible with Integrated Photonics – Pim Kat, CEO, Technobis, More information
16:0516:10Using PICs to bring long reach telecom technologies to the end user – Boudewijn Docter, CTO/ Founder, Effect Photonics, More information
16:1016:15Who is Commscope and how to use PIC’s in an optical network – Willy Rietveld, Global R&D System Architect and Senior Principal, Commscope, More information
16:1516:20Photonic Integration: a key enabler for future FTTH – Karl Tran, Product Line Manager, Genexis, More information
16:2016:25High accuracy deformation measurement employing photonic integrated circuits – Iwan Akkermans, Architect, ASML, More information
16:2516:30Richard Visser, CEO and Founder, SMART Photonics, More information
16:3016:35Integrated photonics with the TriPleX platform – René Heideman, CTO/ Co-Founder, LioniX, More information
16:3516:40Who is PhoeniX Software? – Niek Nijenhuis, Marketing Sales Manager, PhoeniX Software, More information
16:4016:50Ewit Roos, Photon Delta
   Research Integration
Chairman: Ton Koonen, Scientific Director Institute for Integrated Photonics
17:1517:20Photonics at TU/e – Frank Baaijens, Rector Magnificus, Eindhoven University of Technology, More information
17:2017:25Photonics developments in Photon Delta – Jan Mengelers, Executive Board Chairman, Eindhoven University of Technology
17:2517:40Integrated Photonics Institute – Ton Backx, Director, COBRA
17:4017:45Official Start of the Institute
17:4518:30Networking reception with food and drinks

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