Multiphoton Optics introduces new 3D Printing Platform

Multiphoton Optics introduces new 3D Printing Platform

  • LithoProf3D operates with high precision for industrial applications
  • Up-to-date laser technology for diverse substrates and formats
  • Heidelberger Druckmaschinen as global production partner

Multiphoton Optics GmbH, Würzburg, offers with its LithoProf3D a 3D Printing Platform to scale the high-precision 3D printing for a large variety of products in many different markets. Arbitrarily shaped 3D structures can be fast and reliably fabricated via maskless laser direct writing on surfaces of a volume of a material. Structures can be additively or subtractively created, using different exposure strategies. Structure fabrication can be carried out on large areas with tunable precision on demand.

 The High Precision 3D Printing Platform LithoProf3D features automated processes, a variable footprint, application-specific laser power and wavelength, and a very high precision over large areas with its unrivaled Infinite Field of View Technology. The systems are available with and without galvo scanner in a three-axis setup and offer various level of precision, automation, and alignment. The fabrication can be performed on various substrates and formats. Photosensitive materials (resists) are employed for additive fabrication; other processes can be carried out in special glasses or metals to structure them. Structure size, process, and area can be simply scaled.
Since February 2016, LithoProf3D is employed as solid working platform for industrial prototyping of individual structures up to small series prototyping. LithoProf3D offers our customers the possibility of an application-specific scalable fabrication of novel miniaturized designs and, at the same time, a significant reduction in cost and time-to-market via simple processes. Additive and subtractive 3D structuring processes can be simply integrated in conventional 2D process work flows and thus create a unique experience in 3D prototyping of products in Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and medical products.

Particularly, products in the field of optical data transfer systems, sensors, illumination and imaging for mobile and stationary applications for industry and consumer can be simply and fast realized as prototypes and furthermore as products – “from lab to fab”.

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Source: Multiphoton Optics press release

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