Iñigo Artundo, VLC Photonics presents: “Interfacing with the photonic ecosystem in a fabless world”

As photonic integration becomes more accessible in complexity and cost, more users access foundries to get their designs fabricated, but there are still plenty of challenges to face. This presentation will review the differences among custom and generic foundries, the interfacing of external fabless users with foundries, and the role of foundries in the larger ecosystem of design houses, packagers and software providers.

About Iñigo Artundo
Iñigo Artundo obtained the M.Sc. in Telecom Engineering at the Universidad Publica de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) in 2005, and received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics and Photonics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium) in 2009. He has been involved in several national and European research projects and networks of excellence focused on reconfigurable optical interconnects, the design, fabrication and characterization of integrated and micro-optic devices. He has worked as a reviewer for several scientific journals and national funding agencies. He holds an MBA specialization in engineering business and marketing. He is a member of IEEE, SPIE and COIT. Since 2013 he is CEO of VLC Photonics.

About VLC Photonics
VLC Photonics is your photonic integration partner, providing solutions in optical chip design, fab-less fabrication, packaging and characterization/test of custom photonic integrated circuits (PICs). VLC Photonics offers several services covering all your needs, from initial techno-economical feasibility studies and engineering consultancy, in-house PIC design, characterization and test, and full PIC prototyping through external manufacturing and packaging/assembly partners. VLC Photonics, as a pure-play fabless design house, works with multiple foundries embracing the generic integration model, and makes use of these fabrication platforms to always chose the most suited substrate material (Silicon-on-insulator, Silica/PLC, SiN/TripleX, InP/GaAs) for the application at hand. VLC Photonics also works closely with foundries to contribute in the building of their Process Design Kits (PDKs), allowing external users to easily access their manufacturing capabilities.

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