Chip Integration Technology Center Becomes Partner of Photonic Integration Conference

Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) becomes partner of the Photonic Integration Conference 2021

CITC is a non-profit joint innovation center that specializes in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging technology. It is a place where companies, research and educational institutes work together on bridging the gap from academics to industry and create new and better solutions. We offer access to innovation, infrastructure and education.

CITC is a Triplehelix collaboration. Governments, businesses and knowledge institutes work together in developing a new generation of chip packages.

Within the world of semiconductors and photonics, integration and packaging technology is growing in importance. The cost and performance of advanced devices are increasingly dominated by integration and chip packaging challenges. Innovative industrial solutions will be key for the development of new advanced devices in solving several societal challenges.

Application Domains
CITC works on technology that helps to provide answers to societal challenges. This is done for the following application domains: energy, mobility, communication, care and agro or food.

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After the Photonic Integration Conference there will be a guided CITC labtour for the participants of the physical conference. It is free to attend, but the number of places is limited, so make sure you select the option when you register for the conference. Access to Infrastructure – CITC – Access to infrastructure with lab facilities.

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