Photonic Integration Conference 2017 welcomes Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands as Media Partner

About Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands

Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands (BCS) is a national network of semiconductor companies and knowledge organizations active in the entire value chain of research, development, design, production and application of Advanced ICs, MEMS, Sensors and Wireless Systems. BCS is an independent foundation. The BCS board consists of representatives of all parts of the semiconductor value chain in the Netherlands.

Business Cluster Semiconductors (BCS) also supports the development of an open infrastructure and shared facilities for knowledge retention/ development as well as the knowhow for industrial production of advanced microelectronics in the Netherlands. Several initiatives have already been launched (Shared EDA, Advanced Packaging Centre, Production Service Netherlands), while other activities are being prepared and will be implemented in near future (Plug&Design Centre & Shared Services & Equipment).

The presence of the complete value chain (incl. equipment) – from research, to development & design to production and application – makes the Dutch semiconductor ecosystem very attractive for various international partners and companies. BCS aims to strengthen this cluster by stimulating cooperation, initiating new innovation projects and facilitating crossovers projects (see for example I2I project) between semiconductors as a key enabling technology (KET) and various applications in other sectors such as:

  • Health
  • Automotive
  • Security & Safety
  • Energy

Mission & Vision

BCS strives to achieve competitive advantages for companies active in the development, production and application of Advanced ICs, MEMS, Sensors and Wireless Systems by collaboration.

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