“Light as the Comfort for Telecommunications”, Presentation by René Vroom, Radiocommunications Agency of the Netherlands

Telecommunication is booming business. More people are up-and downloading more data using more devices. People want to be always connected, have always access and want to have real time experiences when using their smartphones, game station or any other device. Fast upcoming is M2M and IOT. The challenge is to combine the increasing need for broadband spectrum with the need for faster data transmission and computing capacity in wearable devices. Small cells, cognitive radio and sensing technologies will be explored and exploited, and new antenna technologies will be needed. Photonic IC and the implementation of short range mobile broadband communications at high spectrum ranges up to light spectrum (THz) will help to meet the increasing demand for spectrum and to arrange efficient use of frequencies.

About René Vroom

René Vroom (50) is Head of the Innovation Department at the Radiocommunication Agency (Ministry of Economic Affairs) in the Netherlands. In his function he is dealing with new telecommunication technology trends ( 5G, wifi, cognitive radio, lightspectrum/THz communications, IOT), international regulations and research on societal impact of increasing electronic connectivity. Since 2012 he is also head of the Antennebureau, the Dutch governments’ public information office concerning antennas.
Up to 2009, Rene has held several managerial positions within international business environment in supply chain, logistics, information- & planning systems at SCA Molnlycke Hygiene Products. He has been living abroad for 6 years in Munich, Germany.

About The Radiocommunications Agency of the Netherlands

The Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands, a specialised agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is responsible for obtaining, allocating and protecting frequency space, and monitoring its use in the dynamic field of electronic communications. The day-to-day work of the Radiocommunications Agency covers the entire field of wireless and wired communication. The interrelationship between these two forms of communication is broadening our field of work. Wireless and wired applications are so interwoven that a problem in a wired network can have major consequences for wireless communication. The Radiocommunications Agency acts as the watchdog, implementer and expert across the entire domain of electronic communication. The agency participates in a large international network of telecommunication organizations as to obtain and negotiate for example on the efficient use of frequencies and harmonized standards.

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