New photonic integration platform available, combining InP and TriPleXTM technologies

A consortium of six international companies has demonstrated a new photonic integration platform that allows to embed complex optical systems into a miniaturized assembly.

This platform combines the best features of two photonic IC (PIC) technologies: the low-loss and wide spectral range of TriPleXTM, with the active functionalities of indium phosphide (InP).

The consortium is composed of several Dutch and Spanish companies covering the whole value chain for photonic integrated circuit prototyping: from software tools and Process Design Kits or PDKs (PhoeniX Software), to photonic chip design services (VLC Photonics and BRIGHT Photonics), TriPleXTM and InP manufacturing foundries (LioniX and SMART Photonics respectively), and optical assembly and packaging (XiO Photonics).

This new heterogeneous integration platform presents several advantages versus single-material monolithic approaches. It adds the versatility of optical devices like lasers, high-speed modulators, amplifiers or photodiodes on InP, to the very low propagation loss of the waveguides in TriPleXTM. The platform allows for high-density and high-port-count coupling between both material platforms, and the low-loss optical fiber matched spot-size converters in TriPleXTM.

These advantages prove to be critical for certain applications like sensing, biophotonics, telecom/datacom, or microwave photonics.
The platform, already available for external users to access, has been demonstrated through a combined assembly of several test structures.

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