PhoeniX Software, INPHOTEC partner to facilitate design and fabrication process of photonic integrated circuits

Silicon photonics holds the potential to become a cost-effective, scalable technology for the production of photonic integrated circuits (PIC’s) to address applications including high-performance optical networking, data center interconnects, signal processing, and biological and chemical sensing.

A comprehensive photonics process design kit (PDK) is critical to enabling a design methodology that ensures predictable operation and reliable, repeatable fabrication of complex PIC designs for these demanding applications. PhoeniX Software and INPHOTEC are collaborating to develop a photonics PDK for INPHOTEC’s silicon photonics manufacturing process.

NPOTEC has started its activity in January 2015 and has already signed contracts with major industries as well as with European public Institutions and it is currently participating in several European projects. INPHOTEC and PhoeniX Software see the time is there to partner and support the Ecosystem for a design and manufacturing side.

“These are interesting times for silicon photonics! We see a lot of opportunities for this particular technology within in our existing customer base throughout a diverse range of applications,” stated Niek Nijenhuis, Global Sales & Marketing Manager at PhoeniX Software. “Collaborating with INPHOTEC not only fits our company strategy, but also contributes towards our common goal which is creating an easy access and well-functioning ecosystem for our mutual customers.”Read more


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