FTTH Council Europe welcomes the agreement for the European Fund for Strategic Investments

“When the fund becomes operational at the end of the summer, it will create a wonderful opportunity for fibre access projects to get financing for deploying FTTH.

We at the FTTH Council Europe believe that future-proof telecommunication networks – FTTH and FTTB – are key infrastructures for a competitive and successful Europe. The wide adoption of fibre networks by end users and businesses will have a positive impact on job creation and economic growth. Therefore it is our objective to ensure that a good portion of the EFSI funding will be earmarked for such projects.”
“The FTTH Council noted the experience of Franco Bassanini, President of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), at the Committee of the Regions event on the investment plan where he indicated that the highest returns appear to be from investments in the Digital Economy and that in his experience, FTTH projects could move from loan approval to start of work within 100 days, very much faster than projects in other sectors of the economy. This is another reason why FTTH/B networks must move to the top of the EFSI investment priority list” added Hartwig Tauber, FTTH Council Europe’s Director General.

About the FTTH Council Europe:
The FTTH Council Europe is an industry organisation with a mission to accelerate the availability of fibre-based, ultra-high-speed access networks to consumers and businesses. The Council promotes this technology because it will deliver a flow of new services that enhance the quality of life, contribute to a better environment and increase economic competitiveness. The FTTH Council Europe consists of more than 150 member companies.

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