Semiconductors reaching practical limits, says SIA

Moore’s Law, the 1965 observation by Fairchild and Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles about every two years, is set for repeal by 2021.

The Semiconductor Industry Association’s (SIA) latest International Technology Roadmap (PDF) suggests that it will be all-change as early as 2021.

The SIA said that, even if it is physically possible for chip makers to cram in a few more transistors, it probably won’t be financially practical owing to the huge costs of manufacture.

SIA president and CEO John Neuffer described the organisation’s latest roadmap through to 2030 as the “final instalment”.

“Each new technology generation produces faster transistors that can switch faster than those produced with the previous technology generation,” said the report.

“In the past, this electrical feature of transistors enabled microprocessors to operate at higher frequencies and, therefore, computer performance as measured by industry benchmarks.” Read more

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