“PIC Helps to Overcome Limitations of CW Lasers” – presented by Evaldas Pabrėža, Integrated Optics

According to Evaldas Pabrėža, traditional CW laser designs encounter a great number of technical limitations. Especially Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers. ON/OFF modulation is often limited to few kHz, power stability is heavily affected by environmental temperature, the beam shape can change upon change of the output power. PIC seems like a magic cure for all of these deficiencies.

But is it ready to be implemented in mass production and vast use in fields like laser spectroscopy, imaging or display?

About Evaldas Pabrėža

Evaldas’ carrier begun in a law firm working as a patent consultant. Based on this experience he learned how to distinguish between innovations, which are destined to fail or thrive.

In 2012 Evaldas Pabrėža graduated masters of Laser Technology in Vilnius University and at the same time together with his friend started the company ‘Integrated Optics’.

About Integrated Optics, UAB
Integrated Optics is a manufacturer of very compact laser sources. Unique semi-automated assembly method, compact and efficient electronics and know-how opens up new possibilities in photonics’ product prototyping and manufacturing.

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