PIC / ASPIC designers, we need you!

The number of experienced PIC designers in Europe is still very small, just a handful. With the rapidly increasing demand predicted in the analysis of Figure 7 we expect this to become a major bottleneck in the expansion of the field. At present the market in which PIC designers operate is at an early stage of development.

It is still difficult for PIC designers and design companies to make a full time business out of it, so many PhD students with good skills in PIC design leave the field after their PhD.

The interest in development of ASPICs in MPW foundry runs is seen to be rapidly increasing, the need for ASPIC designers is therefore increasing equally quickly. In 2013 we fabricated over 80 new designs in MPW runs, significantly more than predicted in our 2012 roadmap. In the very near future this number could rise to perhaps 200/yr.

As a designer cannot do much more than 5-10 new designs per year this would require tens of designers for these MPW runs only which is a significant expansion on the present situation. To accommodate the rapidly increasing number of designs, more designers need to be trained. JePPIX has been organizing annual two-week photonic IC design training courses since 2006. These courses are focused on providing trainee designers with a background in integrated photonics design and technology and practical fab aspects. They include hands-on sessions with various software tools.
Starting in 2013 a new type of training has been provided for experienced designers aimed at high level photonic IC design using foundry specific PDKs.

These five-day intensive courses have been organized all over the world. Furthermore, JePPIX software partners offer dedicated training sessions to get familiar with the software tools, as well as ondemand practical sessions, and JePPIX organizes one-day short courses, webinars and workshops in cooperation with design houses.

A large number of students have followed the training courses so far, which means that an increasing number of people working in the field are aware of the application potential of ASPICs. However, few of them continue with a specialisation in photonic IC design and, therefore, the effort on enlarging the number of experienced designers has to be increased:

  • Create sufficient opportunities for skilled designers and students to find a job as ASPIC designer, which is mainly a matter of market growth,
  • Integrate photonic IC design courses in the curricula of technical universities and other technical colleges, (this will increase the market),
  • Increase the training offer by JePPIX and JePPIX partners.

PIC / ASPIC designers, we need you! For more information about JePPIX trainings, click here.

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