Integrated photonic biosensors: leading the path to point-of-care diagnostics


Presentation by Maarten Buijs, Roadmap and Program Consultant at PhotonDelta.

Rapid and cost-effective diagnostics at the point of care has been pursued for decades, but so far only little progress has been achieved. This became painfully apparent with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Megatrends in the automotive & mobility sector and the role of integrated photonics


Presentation by Carol de Vries, Technology and System consultant at PhotonDelta

The automotive industry is going through unprecedented changes, driven by 3 mega trends that are happening in the same timeframe. These are electrification, the drive towards autonomous vehicles & driver support systems, and the change in mobility patterns and city infrastructure.

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Paving the Way for InP Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) devices

nazanin Shafiee

by Nazanin Shafiee, SMART Photonics BV

Global Coronavirus pandemic has impacted all industries across the globe, and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) market has been no exception. However, unlike a lot of the industries heading for a decline, global PIC market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 23.8% over the next five years.

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Photonic integration in product development

Ivana Sersic Vollenbroek

by Ivana Sersic Vollenbroek, DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics BV

DEMCON is a mechatronic system engineering company that focuses on R&D and production of high-tech products and systems. The essentials of systems engineering is integration of a variety of technical disciplines to achieve the best solution for the customer.

For this, open innovation and close collaboration with companies offering new or specific expertise is imperative, such as for example photonics.

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Photonics in a Systems Context

Gerrit Muller

by Gerrit Muller, TNO-ESI

Photonics is a specific set of technologies with many real world applications. Users operate these applications using various systems that in turn deploy a wide variety of technologies. In this presentation we will zoom in from application perspective to photonic technology and zoom out to application to see the change in perspective with every step that we make. Fitness for purpose requires that each aggregation level meets its key performance parameters and functionality.


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Emerging Applications for Photonic Integration Circuits (PIC)

Idelfonso Tafur Monroy

by Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Professor Terahertz Systems, Eindhoven University of Technology

The goal of the talk is to introduce the merging new area of products and solutions where photonic integration technologies are very well suited such as in agro-food technologies, infrastructural monitoring, THz detection of fake medicines, safe medical scanning and beyond 5G wireless communications.

Thereafter, the talk explains why and how photonic integration is essential for bringing to the mass market these new technologies. Finally, the talk makes a bridge between the research trends, the product development, and the potential and opportunities for the Dutch photonic integration eco-system.


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Photonic Integration: A key enabler for multi-measure and sensing in complex Infrastructure


Duo presentation by Marinus J. van der Hoek, Director / Photonics Innovator, VanderHoekPhotonics and Ruben van Ardenne, Manager Strategy and Innovation, Compass Infrastructure, The Netherlands

Photonics-based telecoms has accelerated the development and application of photonics-based sensing to a great extent. Nowadays, challenging conditions for sensing can be met using innovative principles, enabled by the nature of light.

From an industrial point of view, we are convinced photonics based sensing is the way forward and collaboration in the whole Photonics-based ecosystem is key.

In this talk we will present examples of field-tests and proof of principle projects using photonics-based sensing, emphasizing the decisive role of photonic integration to fertilize growth in the field of applications.


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