Photonics Applications Week 2019 – Program

photonics applications

Photonics Applications Week 2019 is an umbrella event focused on real-life applications of photonics.

September 30

The Internet of Things and Li-Fi Event
(09:30 – 17:00) is about how Li−Fi enables IoT in providing networked mobile communication using the light. Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) is very well positioned to provide high speed, latency-free communication for these applications. By networking multiple OWC-enabled access points, one can build a new mobile communication system integrated with lighting. At the moment, first generations of of Li-Fi system, based on visible or InfraRed LEDs are rolled out, based on the new ITU standard, but the potential for OWC goes much further. Read more and register here

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Automotive Photonics Conference during Photonics Applications Week 2019

Automotive Photonics Conference takes place on October 2, during Photonics Applications Week 2019 (September 30-October 4).

The conference deals with the following main topics:

  • Technologies for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)
  • Technologies for the exterior of the car
  • Technologies for the interior of the car
  • Solar Cells
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