The business case for JePPIX

A central organisation is crucial for effective coordination of the whole eco-system. JePPIX is playing such a role by addressing the following tasks:

  • Brokering: combining designs from different users in Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs. In this way the costs of R&D runs can be shared by many users, which leads to a dramatic reduction of the entry costs.
  • Organising proper documentation and training for the available foundry processes.
  • Reaching out to potential users and mentoring through the decision process and design-fabtest flow, identifying opportunities that the novel technology brings for their product portfolio. Bringing them into contact with designers with expertise in their field.
  • Setting the strategic roadmap and providing leadership in this new technology sector.

We are confident that in a few years the costs of JePPIX can be covered by a simple fee charged for its services in a similar way as for MOSIS5 and Europractice6.

Other business cases.

More about the JePPIX roadmap.

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