Photonics in a Systems Context

Gerrit Muller

by Gerrit Muller, TNO-ESI

Photonics is a specific set of technologies with many real world applications. Users operate these applications using various systems that in turn deploy a wide variety of technologies. In this presentation we will zoom in from application perspective to photonic technology and zoom out to application to see the change in perspective with every step that we make. Fitness for purpose requires that each aggregation level meets its key performance parameters and functionality.


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Emerging Applications for Photonic Integration Circuits (PIC)

Idelfonso Tafur Monroy

by Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Professor Terahertz Systems, Eindhoven University of Technology

The goal of the talk is to introduce the merging new area of products and solutions where photonic integration technologies are very well suited such as in agro-food technologies, infrastructural monitoring, THz detection of fake medicines, safe medical scanning and beyond 5G wireless communications.

Thereafter, the talk explains why and how photonic integration is essential for bringing to the mass market these new technologies. Finally, the talk makes a bridge between the research trends, the product development, and the potential and opportunities for the Dutch photonic integration eco-system.


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Helia Photonics is Silver Partner of Photonic Integration Conference

helia photonics

About Helia Photonics

Helia Photonics specialises in optical thin-film coatings for demanding applications, including ultra-low (<0.01%) and high reflectance (>99.99%) on PICs, from ultraviolet to far infrared.

Helia services diverse sectors with R&D to commercial quantities: from automobile to medical, space to forensics. The company selects from 113 coating materials across 16 coating machines in cleanroom facilities in Livingston, Scotland.

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Photonic Integration: A key enabler for multi-measure and sensing in complex Infrastructure


Duo presentation by Marinus J. van der Hoek, Director / Photonics Innovator, VanderHoekPhotonics and Ruben van Ardenne, Manager Strategy and Innovation, Compass Infrastructure, The Netherlands

Photonics-based telecoms has accelerated the development and application of photonics-based sensing to a great extent. Nowadays, challenging conditions for sensing can be met using innovative principles, enabled by the nature of light.

From an industrial point of view, we are convinced photonics based sensing is the way forward and collaboration in the whole Photonics-based ecosystem is key.

In this talk we will present examples of field-tests and proof of principle projects using photonics-based sensing, emphasizing the decisive role of photonic integration to fertilize growth in the field of applications.


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Smart Photonics is Bronze Partner of Photonic Integration Conference

smart photonics

About Smart Photonics
SMART Photonics, based in Eindhoven, offers production services for Indium Phosphide based photonic components. We are an independent pure-play foundry, using our knowledge and experience to deliver photonic components for our customers, based on their designs. We have a highly skilled team, eager to work on innovative and exciting integration technologies.

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Early detection of cancer in urine using photonic biosensors

Coenraad K van Kalken

by Coenraad K van Kalken, CEO, Qurin Diagnostics

Cancer is a final stage of a process characterized by accumulation of epigenetic and genetic alterations. Early detection increases the chances of a positive treatment outcome and cure of the disease. As cancer represents a large burden to society, there is an urgent need for accurate, affordable and easy-to-use diagnostic tests to detect these diseases at the doctor’s office, which is what we are aiming for using a urine-based DNA test.

The primary aim of the collaborative initiative presented, is the development of a low-threshold and noninvasive diagnostic test using DNA biosensors based on state-of-the-art photonics technology and innovative chemical nanocoatings, combined with biomarker panels specific for multiple cancer types.


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Mixed-signal electro-optical automated wafer-level testing for integrated photonics

Ajoscha Schu

by Aljoscha Schu, ficonTEC

While the photonic industry is obviously growing its capacity for producing photonic monolithic integrated circuits with electro-optical characteristics, the testing of these PIC’s seems to be somewhat behind the industrial expectations.
Fully tested or validated chips are required for many safety-related products, but full wafer-level testing or high-speed single chip testing both need further development in the near term.

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Photonics Applications Week 2019 – Program

photonics applications

Photonics Applications Week 2019 is an umbrella event focused on real-life applications of photonics.

September 30

The Internet of Things and Li-Fi Event
(09:30 – 17:00) is about how Li−Fi enables IoT in providing networked mobile communication using the light. Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) is very well positioned to provide high speed, latency-free communication for these applications. By networking multiple OWC-enabled access points, one can build a new mobile communication system integrated with lighting. At the moment, first generations of of Li-Fi system, based on visible or InfraRed LEDs are rolled out, based on the new ITU standard, but the potential for OWC goes much further. Read more and register here

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