Packaging and Assembly of PICs, challenges & solutions

Photonics is the key enabling technology engine needed to keep the globe communicating and connected in the 21st century. The integration of optical components and functions into large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PIC) will result in miniaturisation and decrease of costprice, which will lead to more applications. It’s the most energy efficient technology to scale up all these services.

Packaging and assembly technologies though are crucial to make devices available for high-volume and low-cost applications. This includes heterogeneous integration: the dense integration of compound semiconductor photonics and silicon microelectronics. It allows for significant reductions in system size, weight and power, while simultaneously yielding performance improvements and new functionality.

This edition of the conference has its focus on packaging and assembly with the following topics:

  • Materials & processes for Photonics Assembly: challenges & solutions
  • Equipment for Photonics Assembly: challenges & solutions

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Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC)
Interested to see how CITC can provide added value using its tools & capabilities? Get insight in what facilities we have in the domain of packaging assembly technologies like high precision dispensing, automated die pick up and die attach, wirebonding and temperature profile curing. Combining these enables us to do both fast prototyping for proof of principle samples and to test and evaluate the quality of the assembly process.
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Conference Partner

Chip Integration Technology CenterChip Integration Technology Center (CITC) is a non-profit innovation center that specializes in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging.
We offer: Access to Innovation, Access to Infrastructure and Access to Education.
CITC is a Triplehelix collaboration. Governments, businesses and knowledge institutes work together in developing a new generation of chip packages.
Within the world of semiconductors and photonics, integration and packaging technology is growing in importance. The cost and performance of advanced devices are increasingly dominated by integration and chip packaging challenges. Innovative industrial solutions will be key for the development of new advanced devices in solving several societal challenges.
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Who should attend the conference?

  • Photonic Integration Professionals
  • Product manager, Innovation manager, Development manager from following industries: energy, information technology, telecom, healthcare & life science, agriculture, food proeccsing, security & military, manufacturing
  • Innovation Manager, Chief Technology officer, Architect or Business Development Manager working in the Semiconductor industry
  • System architect / Development manager / Innovation manager from System Integrators
  • Optical and electronic component engineer
  • Investor, CEO, and marketing director tracking the direction of integrated photonics and or semi-conductor industry
  • Industry analyst and consultant looking to understand the latest technology advances in integrated photonics

Photonics Applications Week Event
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