The System architect’s view on PICs

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While the focus of the PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuits) industry is on the development and production of PICs, it is essential to think about the system architecture of the complete product in which the PIC will be embedded, since in the end it is about the application!

The PIC will be part of a multi-disciplinary system. The system architect is in the lead, who has to  translate the requirements of the many stakeholders into a system architecture blueprint, which encompasses not only the application but also the business context, the user context, technological context and preceding architectures.

The System Architect helps the development team to find its way in a rather complex, dynamic,  uncertain  and multidisciplinary world.

architect architect architect architect

The focus of this conference is how to embed a PIC in a complete product, seen from a System Architecture point of view:

  • What is a PIC
  • What is System Architecture / What is the role of a system architect (Interactive session)
  • Cases of System Architecture with PIC in applications :
    • Health Care
    • IoT & Autonomous Systems
    • IT & Telecom
    • Agri & Food
    • Manufacturing & Industry 4.0
    • Military & Aerospace
    • Consumer Electronics & Lighting

Who should attend the conference?

  • Product managers, Innovation managers, Development managers from following industries: energy, information technology, telecom, healthcare & life science, agriculture, food proeccsing, security & military, manufacturing
  • Innovation Managers, CTO’s or Business Development Managers working in the Semiconductor industry
  • System architects / Development managers / Innovation managers from System Integrators
  • Optical and electronic component engineers
  • Investors, CEOs, and marketing directors tracking the direction of integrated photonics and or semi-conductor industry
  • Industry analysts and consultants looking to understand the latest technology advances in integrated photonics

Follow the conference offline or online
We have decided to offer this conference both OFFLINE (on location) or ONLINE. During the registration process you can select which one to attend.

This event is part of the Photonics Applications Week. A week where professionals from several applications areas meet industry professionals.

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