Integrated Photonics: The Engine driving Next Generation Semi-Conductor Business

On September 27, 2016, the 2nd edition of the Photonic Integration Conference will take place at High Tech Campus, The Netherlands.

This year’s conference will focus on business developments for integrated photonics, the shifting from academics to business (and, accordingly, the shift in market demand). Besides that the conference will include, among others, sessions on medical, life science, military and data/ICT  applications, as well as some academic sessions and workshops.

The program and the details of the conference are currently under development, more information will follow soon.

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Photonic Integration Conference –  1st edition overview

On September 23rd, 2015, the 1st edition of The Photonic Integration Conference took place at High Tech Campus, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.The conference was an overwhelming success, attracting over 100 international delegates, speakers and exhibitors, and provided great intellectual and social interaction for the participants.

A photo impression of the full-day conference – including exhibition and seminar – can be found here


The world’s Photonics specialists gathered in Eindhoven

On Wednesday September 23rd, speakers and participants lined up to showcase and discuss the enterprises, startups and research taking Integrated Photonics to the next level in the following areas:

  • Photonic integration, including the development of generic integration platforms and foundry models
  • Integration of photonics with microelectronics at the chip, board and system levels
  • Exploitation of new materials, including new semiconductors and nanophotonic materials (for example, metamaterials & plasmonics), multifunctional fibres and their associated fabrication technologies
  • How new approaches lower the entry level of photonic integration. Companies can create applications for markets like: optical sensing, lighting & energy, displays, information technology, telecom, healthcare & life science, security & defence, robotic manufacturing processes.

Major International Keynotes Lined Up to:

  • Demonstrate the wide range of applications for Photonics in the next decade. The global photonics business is ramping up to include big data applications, high-precision spectroscopy, aeronautics, ultra-sensitive gas sensors, non-invasive disease diagnostics, metrology, defence imaging, quantum computing and cryptology. The list is growing.
  • Mark the start of commercial Indium Phosphide chip production on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven using an approach which dramatically reduces the cost of entry for young Photonics companies.
  • Explain why accelerating this industry through strategic investment is important now. Photonics is a European success story of open collaboration and proof that selecting it as a key enabling technology was the right decision. It’s rapidly becoming one of the most important “scale up” industries.
  • Celebrate the pioneering work led by Eindhoven University of Technology and the international Jeppix ecosystem, in both the design and production of Photonics Integrated Circuits.

Who should attend the 2nd edition:

The conference is mainly addressed to:

  • System integration engineers in optical sensing, lighting & energy, information technology, telecom, healthcare & life science, big-data, security & defence, manufacturing.
  • Innovation Managers, CTO’s or Business Development Managers
  • Optical and electronic component engineers
  • Investors, CEOs, and marketing directors tracking the direction of integrated photonics and or semi-conductor industry
  • Industry analysts and consultants looking to understand the latest technology advances in integrated photonics

but is open and of interest to anyone who sees potential in photonic integration!

Before the event, the registered participants will receive a list with all attendants at the conference. Expand your knowledge, enhance your network!

Fast Facts on the need for Photonics
Keeping the Internet running demands a vast amount of energy, 114 GigaWatts at the last count.

  • In the last three months, over 200 million smartphones were sold worldwide, each demanding access to data.
  • Every second, two households are being connected to the fibre-optic Internet infrastructure.
  • Every 18 months, the amount of data doubles for each connection.
  • Behind the scenes, €30 billion a year is being invested in switching equipment to make the Internet hubs work.

Existing semiconductor technology can’t keep up. So we either need a different approach to cope with exponential growth, or plan hundreds of extra power stations to run these datacentres. Photonics has the answer.


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